Our Products

We have only best brands of solar products!

We have the best and cheapest solar panels on the North coast of the Dominican Republic. Ask us for an offer or give us an email. 
Yes, you can be independent! Build your own solar roof and produce your own electricity. We offer everything you need for your renewable project, such as solar panels, charge controllers and advices. 
Ask us, we can do it for you!

Actually, we have solar panels of:

- Kyocera, 205 watts / each
- Sun, 130 watts / each
- Sun, 110 watts / each

Solar charge controller of outback-power, such as FM 60 (60 amps) and FM 80 (80 amps), all MPPT tracked, charge controller of Xantrex, C35, C40, and C60. Charge controller control the flow of power from the charging source (solar panels) to the battery. It is a “must” if you install some solar panels. 

Just ask us for the actual prices, we have the best!